BIBISI is a full service mobile marketing company with innovative in-house strategy and technology capabilities. More than just the architects for the platform, we help you design, create, and execute mobile campaigns from start to finish. We pride ourselves on providing “turnkey” solution-based mobile marketing campaigns. What that means for you is that from start to finish, we walk you through the entire process of your campaign. Our staff will assist you in achieving your goals, realizing your ideas and developing the right concepts for today’s mobile world.

Our company can assist your organization to identify enterprise mobile challenges and opportunities. Once these challenges are discovered and documented, we work collaboratively to develop an appropriate mobile blueprint for your objectives. Our experts will provide you with the latest industry insights, statistics and research to ensure that your future mobile messaging path is a success, produces the expected revenue and achieves your enterprise mobile goals.

Combining Strategy and Technology to Create
Mobile Connections in Today’s Mobile World

Mobile Strategy
Strategic & Tactical Plans
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Mobile Web / Apps
Custom Built Applications & .Mobi Sites
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Event Data Capture
Specialized Capture using iPads & Smartphones
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Social Technology
Custom Built Facebook & Twitter Pages
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GPS Enabled Tours
Custom Built Tour featuring GPS
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Mobile Delivery
Specialty QR Codes & SMS
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Did you Know?

Bibisi is pronounced bee-bee-see. It comes from our original roots in the early days of texting when we serviced the housing market using this as an acronym for "Build it, Buy it, Sell it"

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Addy Award
Winners of 7 2011-2012 Creative Addy Awards and The International Downtown Association Merit Award for Innovation for the R.H.H. Hugman Historic River Walk Mobile Tour!