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The tourist of a time long passed used maps, brochures, and agendas. They researched the locations they would be visiting, jotting down notes in travel guides, and clutched paper maps as they walked about. They carried the camera strapped over their neck and multiple rolls of film in travel bags. They couldn’t wait to travel home to develop photos and put them in albums to share with friends and families. Today’s tourist leverages the power of the smartphone. It has GPS enabled directions, mobile web, camera and instant editing abilities for photos. A few clicks and I have instant communication to the world via Facebook , twitter, and other social media applications.

Bibisi specializes in comprehensive mobile tours. We are the preferred vendor for mobile for the Teas Travel Industry Association (TTIA). For the Historical Hugman River Walk Tour (available on iTunes ), we worked with the San Antonio CVB, Downtown San Antonio Operations, The Downtown Alliance of San Antonio and The Historical Preservation Assocation and used specialized QR Codes, Mobile, and Audio to tell the story of the River Walk. The site is available for iPods / iPads / Smartphones, and PC's.

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Addy Award
Winners of 7 2011-2012 Creative Addy Awards and The International Downtown Association Merit Award for Innovation for the R.H.H. Hugman Historic River Walk Mobile Tour!